Visit Elva

lively all year round

Elva Municipality is lively and welcoming all year round. We have put together all the good and the better for spending time in the hot summer time as well as enjoying the joys of winter. Just for you.

Lively Elva was created to make it easier for visitors to find all our gems – various destinations, beautiful sights, sports activities, cultural breaks and opportunities to enjoy wild nature.

Come visit us! We welcome you whether you’re alone, with your partner, with the whole family or with a larger group.

Opening Photo Credit: Ragnar Vutt

What to do in Elva?

Are you looking for ways to spend time with your family in South Estonia? Or you just wish to flee the city and enjoy nature with the option for active leisure? Elva welcomes you whether you’re alone or with dear people with you. Find all the wonderful reasons why Elva is the place to discover here.

We are just a 20 minute long car drive away from Tartu and a two-and-a-half hour train ride away from Tallinn. Find the most suitable travelling option for you here.


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